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Rob Moore

Rob Moore is a fourth-generation Las Vegan and noted storyteller. He is currently involved in Acquisitions and Development for Crawford Group/Green Valley Grocery. He’s owned and worked with companies including Realty Holdings Group, RL Moore and Associates, Cushman and Wakefield, and Sun Commercial. He is a Past President of IREM and the previous Board of Trustees for The Springs Preserve, just to name a few. He’s now the third generation within the oldest Rotary Club and has been involved with the Boys and Girls Club since the 1980s. 

Rob is a swimmer, avid golfer, prankster, storyteller, and genuine friend. He learned the science of selling by watching and learning from those who came before him. His early days as a Certified Property Manager helped him discover that being a broker was actually a better fit. His career interests were always in real estate, but his community and family roots run deep.

Learning what it’s like in the deep end of the pool

A real estate trailblazer with a prominently entrepreneurial family, Rob learned a macro perspective on how business worked growing up. He tells the story of his great-grandfather, who negotiated the water rights to the railroad here in Las Vegas. As his Dad said, “There are more opportunities in Las Vegas by accident than there are in other places on purpose”.

But Rob didn’t get his start in real estate in Las Vegas. He first learned real estate in California, while in college where he learned the science of selling in a tough field selling parcels of land. Rob was all in from the beginning. Even when the market turned and he came back to Las Vegas, he was committed. He began to understand more about the development world and started negotiating with the best of them. Rob saw deals done with politicians, police, businessmen, mob men, entertainers, and more.

The Gospel According to Rob

Rob credits the single most influential factor in his life to his wife, who has been passionate about helping people from the beginning. A self-admitted people-pleaser, he wants to make people happy, but deals need to be made, and learning to walk that line is important. 

Negotiating tactics based on developing true relationships matter the most. You can do far better as a commercial broker by understanding that ego and arrogance are out, humility is in. Finding common ground and being willing to be honest always works. If you’re able to create an audience who is interested in you, you’ll walk away with a friend and probably a client.

Takeaways From This Episode

  • Create a relationship in the beginning – learn about what makes people tick.
  • Be willing to walk from a deal if it isn’t right.
  • The best thing you can do is let people help you if they have more insight than you do.
  • People are only as good as they need to be, so hold them to a high mark.

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