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Mark Fine

Mark L. Fine is an active real estate developer and master planning developer in Las Vegas for 50 years. He played a central role in developing Green Valley, Las Vegas’ first large-scale master planned community, Summerlin, Queensridge North and South. He was a Senior Advisor with Focus Properties, working with BLM on Mountains Edge, Inspirada, and more. He focuses on building with heart and creativity and has been integrally involved in building some of Las Vegas’s most notable communities from the ground up.

Find Opportunity, Add Value

Mark is a firm believer in finding opportunities and adding value, which is reflected in both his personal and professional life. He’s created communities that serve a high quality in every segment of living, differentiating his neighborhoods from the rest. Rather than growing just for growth’s sake, Mark is passionate about developing properties with meaningful results that can last for generations. Ever seen the Tennis players or the little kid statues in Green Valley? Those were Mark’s doing. 

Mark grew up in a planned community and saw firsthand how to make it work with education, community and social centers of gravity. That focus kept residents wanting to live in Las Vegas, not just play for a weekend. 

Mark maintains that there is opportunity in anything that you do, even in seemingly adverse situations. This philosophy is echoed in the Jewish mantra, Tikkun Olam, ‘Heal The World.’ Leaving things better than you found them—taking the responsibility in your very own hands. 

Mark doesn’t just talk the talk. He has served as the National Trustee of the National Jewish Medical and Research Center, Chairman of the UNLV Foundation, Founding Director of the Clark County Business School partnership program, and has been active in CCSD for decades. And he even has a local Las Vegas elementary school named after him.

Takeaways From This Episode

For Mark, his family is the most influential factor in his life. His commitment to building beautiful spaces is an extension of wanting to leave the world a better place for his family and his community. From the sculptures in Green Valley to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police headquarters, Mark’s motto is “value-add” — don’t do something unless it will add value to life.

  • Your kids see and hear everything – if you want to set them on a good path, be a good example.
  • If you can’t fix it, feature it. Use it as a unique opportunity to be different.
  • Always see things as an opportunity – it is all part of life experience.

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