Causes & Interests

This is going to be a catchall page for a bunch of stuff. I don’t have it fully worked out just yet.

Let me tell you some of the things I’m thinking and you can give me some feedback. 

Aviva Garti Mizrachi Memorial Fund

My siblings and I set up an endowment in my Mother’s memory. It provides scholarship funds for youth to attend conferences and conventions related to the development of leadership skills.

The way it works is the principal amount doesn’t get used. Scholarships are granted using only the interest from the fund. That way these scholarships will exist in perpetuity! 

We set up the fund with Jewish Nevada and put some money in. In lieu of flowers at her funeral, we asked that people donate to the fund. I did that thing on Facebook where you raise money for a cause during your birthday.

We’ve raised $15,000 so far. Our next target is to get to $30,000. Here is a link to the page. 

Steak & Whiskey 

Dori was the one who actually articulated the idea…

To go visit as many Las Vegas steakhouses and answer the often-asked question. Which is the best steakhouse in Las Vegas? 

And so Dori, Hayim and Jarrad agreed to routinely visit Las Vegas steakhouses.

Each of them would invite one guest so that the cast of characters would always change.

They would share their experiences rating atmosphere, service, spirit selection, wine, food and overall value. 

Welcome to! 

We’re on a bit of a hiatus but maybe we’ll bring this back when our lives calm down. 

That one time. When I was Guy Fieri! 

Do you remember November 2020? Things were still weird. Social distancing. Masks. No crowds.

Andrew Spivak had the idea to do video segments called Delis Drinks and Deliveries. 

They would be shown during the Jewish Nevada virtual Super Sunday that Year. 

I got to run around town with a film crew to Jewish owned venues as if I were Guy Fieri from Diners Drive Ins and Dives. 

Andrew!!!!!!!!! I am forever grateful! 

Here are the YouTube videos. 

Burnt Offerings

Oscars Steakhouse

PKWY Tavern

Leone Cafe 

Kosher Chinglish 


No no. Not that kind of smoking you crazy!

Here’s what happened. My wife bought me a Weber Smokey Mountain for father’s day 2019.

Then I found Aaron Franklin on MasterClass.


Burnt ends.

Dinosaur ribs.

Tri tip.

Mole chicken drumstick lollipops.

Herbs de Provence crusted beef tenderloin served with creamy dill horseradish – thing is a damn show stopper!

Now I have a Traeger and a charcoal grill too. That’s in additional to the propane grill every grown adult should have.

If you see me around and you want to talk grilling or smoking I’m there for it!


I was one month away from my 40th birthday. Weighed more than I ever weighed. Couldn’t control what was going into my mouth. No exercise at all.

If I didn’t do something, I believed I would blink, turn 50 and would still be unhealthy.

I landed on running. Two mile runs when I dropped Nathan off at golf. One mile runs around the house.

October 2020 things got consistent. It wasn’t until December 2021 that I started training for my first 1/2 Marathon.

Two major runs I completed are below. We’ll see what’s on the horizon from here!

Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon – Las Vegas – February 27, 2022 – 2:02:37

Rock n Roll Marathon – San Diego – June 5, 2022 – 4:32:40

Tools I Used

Guided Runs with Coach Chris Bennett on the Nike Run Club App.

These are runs where a coach speaks to you throughout the run. There are a variety of runs on the NRC app like First Run, Next Run, Third Run, First Speed Run, First Long Run, Next Long Run, Just Another Run, Lunch Run, Running For More: Success, Running for More: Connection… you get the idea. The Guided Run feature has been a major factor in my continuing to run, and learning a lot about how to run right.

Shoe Fitting

Go to Red Rock Running Company and get fitted. It doesn’t cost anything. They measure your feet. Film you running on a treadmill. Based on various factors they will give you shoe recommendations that will work for you. I selected Brooks Adrenalin. You’ll also want to invest in good running socks. They’ll have them at RRR.

Coach Michelle Cupersmith 

The biggest factor in my running success. Michelle lives in Las Vegas. Coaching is mostly all virtual (texts, emails, phone calls). She reviewed my goals, put a plan together, was accessible and responsive, checked in on me if I was skipping runs, provided tips, insights, wisdom and encouragement.