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Lisa Brady

Lisa Brady is a unicorn. With over 20 years of experience in the commercial real estate business, she has served in various roles from sales agent, to operations, leasing, development, ownership and even property management. She’s worked with national and local corporations. She’s dedicated herself to this industry and is currently serving on the Board of NAIOP Southern Nevada. Lisa is Vice President, Market Officer for Prologis, the largest industrial REIT on planet Earth. In every new room she enters, she always asks, “Do I add value?” 

In her off time, Lisa gives back to her community. She competitively dragon boat raced in the annual St. Rose Regatta Dragon boat race for ten years. She likes to spend time directly helping people and gives back in multiple ways. A self-professed rabid Golden Knights fan, Lisa is also big on cooking and baking, and an avid traveler. She is focused and caring, a mentor to many, and a great friend through and through. 

Connection and Hard Work are Key

Lisa’s always determined to find a way to connect on some level. Her grandmother (who never missed a day of work) instilled a sense of hard work and accountability to your job. She worked two jobs in college, and went to school at night. She found herself back in Vegas in her early 20s and took a temp job that turned out to be the launch of her commercial real estate career. 

Lisa’s desire to protect and care for others came from her time protecting and caring for her family growing up. When her grandmother experienced a stroke, it altered their family. Lisa learned that hard work isn’t everything. Family is everything.

Takeaways From This Episode

Lisa doesn’t believe in failure. Every step back is an education that can turn into success later. Nothing is wasted. Being a woman in the commercial real estate space, she’s experienced sexism throughout her career. With experience and confidence, she’s navigated these waters and helped change the commercial real estate game for future generations. Here are just a few of her takeaways:  

  • Feedback is essential. Everyone should be trained in crucial conversations.
  • If something goes wrong, don’t be so focused on today – you don’t know how the story ends.
  • Pass it on. Mentor so that you can share your knowledge. 
  • Live as if you know how many times you have left to spend with someone.

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