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Carol Cline-Ong

Carol Cline-Ong is a Henderson born cowgirl, turned corporate leader who defines work ethic and excellence. She’s the Co-Founder of MDL Group, which started in 1989. Her contributions to the community and industry manifest in organizations like Spread the Word NV, Boy Scouts of America Pack 256, Police Athletic League, Council for a Better Nevada, Opportunity Village, CASA Foundation, CREW, and much more. Carol was honored in 2017 with the BOMA Lifetime Leadership Award. 

Carol is a tireless leader, dedicated wife, mother, grandmother, and Orange Theorist. She has fond memories of growing up on Lake Mead Avenue in Henderson, barrel-racing her horse as a cowgirl, and attending Basic High School. Her journey to the top of her industry is a lesson in seizing opportunities and being willing to learn every step of the way.

Deliver your best to climb the ladder of success

Carol isn’t a fan of talking about herself. However, her fascinating climb up the ladder to success is a story of grit — and that’s worth talking about. Her first job was in the food service industry, learning customer service and working long hours. From there she went into retail, before working at a title company and starting at the bottom, as a receptionist. It wasn’t long until she became an executive at that title company. She knew that it was important to deliver her best. At every turn Carol was driven by one thing. Not to let the people down who extended her an opportunity. She transcended the 8 am to 5 pm mindset. She overcame adversity. She was never a victim. With gratitude as her guide, Carol climbed.

Words matter, and a positive attitude counts

In Carol’s words, growing up in Henderson was amazing. They didn’t have a lot, but they had enough to get by and Carol learned the power of gratitude with every step. Throughout the podcast she expresses gratitude for the partnerships, gratitude for her opportunities, and gratitude for each experience. She explains that her achievements are due to her willingness to be vulnerable and learn at every rung. She calls it the famous OJT (on-the-job training). 

As the saying goes, “The person at the top of the mountain doesn’t fall there.” Carol’s adaptability is a lesson that staying teachable and never losing sight of who you are is the most graceful way to climb to the top of the mountain.

Takeaways From This Episode

  • When you have an opportunity, you have an obligation. Invest in yourself.
  • Pay it forward. Who else can you help with what you’ve learned?
  • Don’t let adversity consume you – get back on that horse and ride!

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