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Jeff Fargo

From real estate and marketing to title rep and escrow, Jeff Fargo figured out how to sculpt his skills and point them straight at personal success. His career spans three decades, starting in the family business of residential rentals, to stepping out on his own as an agent with Coldwell Banker then shifting to marketing and media, until he found himself on the title side of real estate working as the Assistant Vice President of Sales and Digital Strategy with Fidelity National Title.  

Jeff’s eye for technology and spotting trends led him to differentiate his services by showing his clients how to apply social media and AI to get business.

Harnessing the magic of the moment 

In the early days of livestreaming, when Periscope was still a thing, Jeff saw an opportunity to start livestreaming open house events with local agents and brokers. Las Vegas is a global destination and pretty soon, thousands of people were viewing real properties in real time. But that’s not all. As a title rep, Jeff didn’t bring bagels and donuts to the room, he brought realtors into the digital age.  

Jeff’s livestreaming days were just the beginning of his success with technology. His networking, dynamism and internet savvy brought him business, but Jeff wanted to reach more people. That’s why he launched his podcast, Fargo Talks, January 2023. He’s already reached over 40 million views in just 8 short months. But celebrating is not Jeff’s focus. He’s focused on what’s next!  

Force applied means forward movement 

It’s no secret that Jeff works best under pressure. Life circumstances including the passing of his mom, becoming the sole income for his family, or losing his job, led him to try harder and go further.

Jeff knew his departure from Fidelity was inevitable. In his next act, he’s going all in on his family priorities and his passion for media and AI. I was surprised that he sort of announced he’s starting his own venture with services including AI training, public speaking, content creation, and organizing organic social media campaigns. 

Jeff knows you’re only as good as your last deal just like you’re only as good as your last podcast. He’s on a mission to do what he loves and spread the message to find what you love to do and invest everything you can into it. 

Takeaways From This Episode

  • Differentiate yourself from others in your industry.
  • Just hit send. Let the Universe put together the magic. It will happen. 
  • Learn sales. Even if you’re not a sales person, learning sales will make you better at anything you do.
  • When someone gives you a complement, say “thank you”. 

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