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Jim Stuart

Jim Stuart is a Partner at Matter Real Estate Group. He started as an entrepreneur in the early 90’s and was mentored by an impressive roster of professional leaders throughout his many ventures. Jim has been involved in real estate brokerage, banking, experiential retail, internet start-ups, commercial development, and hospitality if you count the lemonade stand he operated as a kid. Jim is a 3x Ironman finisher (including the revered Ironman Kona course) and a global explorer, but he will quickly deflect any of these accolades, preferring to be labeled a reliable friend, a good husband and a present father.

A self-proclaimed work-in-progress, Jim used to be focused on material pursuits but has evolved to a life focused on seeking meaningful work and making an impact. 

Live a Life Worth Living Because it’s Not Guaranteed

After another teenage stunt, Jim’s father didn’t scold or lecture him. He just explained that it was up to him to create a life worth living. It was the first time that Jim took responsibility for his own actions. 

When Jim became a father himself, one of his children had heart surgery at 20 months old. It was a life forming moment that taught him, in a profound way, that tomorrow is promised to no one. It’s not only critical to create a life worth living, it’s just as important to be grateful for the life you have at the moment you are having it.

Building Business with Grace

Jim’s first serious business was an asphalt company that failed miserably. His next business ventures fared better because of hard work and collaboration. Jim always had an eye toward the future, and that helped him create business opportunities that others didn’t see. Some ventures came with massive success, worldwide travel, and opportunities to work with remarkable people such as real estate icon Irwin Molasky and status symbol George Clooney. Not every business venture was a success, but each one came with a life lesson and an opportunity for self-improvement.

 Over the years, Jim has partnered with CEOs, billionaires, and celebrities. But the people he remembers most are the people expressed a certain level of humility and self-awareness, those who can be kind in a world that does not always inspire. It takes work to be empathetic to others, but Jim explains that it’s worth it every time.

Takeaways From This Episode

–  Ironman Wisdom: Believe that you can do anything. 

 – Everyone is on their own journey. 

 – A great business lesson: Get to the point. 

 – First comes form. Then comes essence.

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