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Tim Rios, Chief Learning Officer

Tim Rios, travels the globe training and consulting commercial real estate professionals. He is Chief Learning Officer with The Lipsey Company. Mike Lipsey, and The Lipsey Company are household names among the CRE community, having provided training and consulting for over 40 years. 

Tim began his career in 1995 with a local commercial real estate brokerage firm in Utah before moving up to a national and well-known brokerage firm, Marcus & Millichap. With M&M, he worked as a Regional Manager, changed product types, and even changed markets many times. In total, Tim worked with Marcus & Millichap for 18 years, in different geographic regions and management positions before moving into real estate consulting and eventually landing with The Lipsey Company.

What’s Your Fastball?

Tim met Mike Lispey in an interesting way. It all began with an email Tim sent to Mike. Mike was anything but ordinary and sent Tim a reply asking, “What’s your fastball?” Tim thought, “Well, I wasn’t a pitcher,” but he knew the email wasn’t meant to be taken literally. He knew he needed to think of something he was best at doing. Tim replied, “private client brokerage.” 

Mike went radio silent for some time after that. But Tim stayed in touch every month or so, sharing posts he made on Linkedin and other articles he thought may get Mike’s attention. Mike finally reached out, saying, “Ya know, Tim, timing is everything.” That was the genesis of Tim and Mike’s relationship. 

Stay Humble, Stay Grounded 

Throughout his career, Tim has had countless moments of success and impact. But nothing humbled him more than being a parent; or a trench parent as Tim called it. Changing diapers, midnight feedings, and all of the muck and mire in-betweens. Being a trench parent taught Tim how to let go of his ego. It highlighted what was important to him and what was a falsehood in his life. 

Tim loves achievement. While having a family helped him to stay grounded outside of the hustle and bustle of a career, it was travel that taught Tim how people are much more alike than we realize, despite our differences. At all corners of the globe, people are people at the end of the day. It makes you a better leader to know how to work with people from varying backgrounds. 

Takeaways From This Episode

Other Key Takeaways in this episode include:

  • You’re not that important; keep your ego in check. 
  • 90% of commercial real estate is done the same all over the world.
  • Be top of mind and easy to find. 
  • It’s not about the money, it’s about what you’re becoming.

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