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On this episode of Takeaways, I had the treat of talking to Somer Hollingsworth, a household name in the southern Nevada community. Somer has been in Las Vegas since he was a teenager and called the area a “Mecca” for him and his family when they moved here from Texas. After a 30-year career in banking, Somer was asked to lead the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA), or as it was known at the time, the Nevada Development Authority (NDA).

One thing I loved about this episode is the massive amount of incredible insider Las Vegas information that Somer has to share. He was on the frontlines of some of Nevada’s most notable economic development activities over the past four decades. He’s got a ton of great stories and wisdom to share, and it was a genuine pleasure to have this conversation with him. 

Community Comes First

What stood out to me as Somer and I spoke is his commitment to southern Nevada. He and his team at NDA were committed to bettering this community, and he wasn’t afraid to get in the face of anyone who had a bad word to say about Las Vegas, whether he found them on an airplane or a boardroom. 

“We kicked butt and took names,” he said. “People were dedicated and said it was the best job they ever had because they were doing it for our community…. I never thought I would ever have that opportunity to make that kind of a change in this community that I love so much.”

I think it’s fair to say that the southern Nevada landscape would look much different without the influence of Somer Hollingsworth. While we spoke, he reminisced about this community before gaming was legalized federally and economic development here was in its infancy. He also shared his thoughts on the state of the state today and the LVGEA’s new leadership, Tina Quigley. 

Key Takeaway: Fight for What You Believe In

In this episode, Somer shared some amazing Takeaways, and toward the end, he had some great advice for anyone new to business. One thing I took away from our discussion was what can happen when people who love a community come together to make real change. The acts of a few who care can transform the future of an area. That’s what Somer did for Las Vegas, and that’s what we all have the opportunity to do today. 

Takeaways From This Episode

Other Key Takeaways in this informative episode include:

– History Matters; It Shapes the Future

– If you want to be successful, there’s no room for prejudice

– We all should’ve invested in Las Vegas 50 years ago

– If it’s too good to be true … it’s too good to be true

– Your employees make it work: hire good ones and keep them happy

I hope you enjoy! 

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