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Jeff LaPour is the founder and president of LaPour Partners, a commercial real estate and hospitality development firm. He’s unique in several ways, and so is his career path. Jeff started in the hospitality realm working with the Hilton. Since then, he has found success as a commercial real estate developer. LaPour Partners builds industrial, office, and hospitality space. Jeff enjoys taking on complicated projects. 

I first met Jeff at the Developing Leaders Institute (DLI) by NAIOP; he was teaching a class called “Market Analysis and Site Selection” with John Restrepo. The lessons Jeff shared in that class stuck with me ever since. 

Be a Believer in Your Ideas & Have Confidence in Yourself

In this episode of Takeaways, Jeff shared wisdom on everything from mentorship to learning through mistakes. He talked about the importance of being aware of what the market is doing and following your instincts, even when others might think you’re crazy. “I have learned way more from failing than I ever did from being successful,” he states. 

As we spoke, Jeff went on to explain how, sometimes, all it takes is confidence in yourself and patience to follow through with what you want. He illustrated this with several examples. One, in particular, stood out to me. Jeff spoke about a deal he got in Arizona by sticking to his convictions, following through on the right thing to do, and being patient that it would pay off in the end. “It goes back to conviction,” he said. “I absolutely had it in my head that I was going to get that deal one way or another.” And it happened!

Key Takeaway: Keep it Simple and Have the Courage of Conviction

There are so many great Takeaways from this episode of Takeaways. Jeff breaks down the role of commercial real estate developers, and some of the great life-lessons he’s learned over the course of his unique career. But in the end, Jeff said it best, “Keep it as simple as humanly possible but also have the courage of conviction.”

Takeaways with Jeff LaPour

Other Key Takeaways in this episode include:

– The importance of having a mentor

– Action is key

– You have to care to win, and you should always try

– Love what you do & believe in what you do

I hope you enjoy this episode of Takeaways! 

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