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When I turned 40 a few years ago, it occurred to me that if I didn’t start getting healthy, I would be 50 before I knew it, and still feel bad. It was time to make a change in my health habits. I landed on running. I started with the Nike Run Club app that coached me through my runs. As I saw results, both mentally and physically, running became more and more of a passion. I decided to get a coach and start training for a half marathon. That’s when I met Michelle Cupersmith.

Michelle’s resume will tell you she’s a senior financial analyst with Light & Wonder, formerly Scientific Games. She has a double major in accounting and psychology. Her resume is impressive but, first and foremost, Michelle identifies as a runner. It’s her hobby and passion and she’s helped make running a passion for people who she coaches through Team Run Run. Michelle has given me vital lessons, tips, and coaching that allowed me to complete a half marathon in under 10 minutes on average per mile and then train for a full marathon which I completed June 5th. Along the way, running has also shown me important, fundamental lessons that parallel life.

Run the Mile You’re In

What does it mean to run the mile you’re in? Essentially, it means to be present in what you’re doing. If you’re running, run. If you’re working, work. When you hit a wall and don’t want to continue, take time to be present and do a “systems check” to help get yourself back in the race. “The point is not getting from A to B,” said Michelle. “It’s the run itself.”

Key Takeaway: Pace Yourself to Accomplish Goals

One of the first lessons I learned when Michelle and I began working together is how important it is to know your paces. Whether you’re running a marathon, or running the marathon of life, knowing when to run an easy pace, a sprint pace, a moderate pace, or even a recovery pace is an essential life lesson. “Most people will run at a pace that is not sustainable,” said Michelle, “You’re killing yourself.”

There are so many ways that running can help, beyond just the physical. It involves the body and the mind. Running is the chance to prove to yourself that you can do hard things. In this episode of Takeaways, Michelle shares some of her coaching advice for runners and how that advice translates into important life lessons and business takeaways.

Key Takeaways from this special episode include:

– There is a difference between rest and recovery
– Why is fueling properly so important?
– What do you do when you want to quit?
– If you have blisters and cramps, you’re doing it wrong
– How the mantra, Nothing New on Race Day, is so critical

I hope you enjoy it!
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