Takeaways – Life. Lessons. Learned.

In any occurrence, whatever you are doing, whoever you are meeting, there are always Takeaways that can be learned. I started this podcast in January of 2018 as a way to share the Takeaways I’ve learned from incredible individuals that have come into my life. By that summer I started recording Takeaways from events that I regularly attended, namely the NAIOP Southern Nevada monthly breakfast programs.

Takeaways the Process

It’s been four years and about 60 episodes since I began Takeaways. Takeaways has been a journey. From making the time to consistently produce the content, to evolving interviews to zoom during the pandemic, and then slowing down all together.

Recently, I took a step back to evaluate where I was and where I wanted Takeaways to go. I realized two things. 1. This is something I enjoy, I believe the audience enjoys, and that I wanted to continue. 2. I was bottlenecking the journey. Scheduling guests. Writing post descriptions. Distributing content. The process of creating a podcast, and doing it well, is a lot of work. So…

It was time to recommit to the process and set a new path forward.

That’s where Kri Edholm, and her company KRICO Productions comes in. Kri was one of the first people I met with in 2017 when I was fact finding how to start Takeaways. She was producing her own podcast, had me in to her “studio” and gave me generous advice on equipment and tech. It made sense for me to reach out to Kri again.

Takeaways the Evolution & Expansion

I have been doing this as a hobby. It’s time to level up. What does “going pro” mean for Takeaways? It means consistency, additional support and video. Kri is helping with guest scheduling to keep the show releases consistent. We’ll have 2 shows a month, 1 guest episode and 1 NAIOP Takeaways. Before every show, Kri arrives at my office with a fold up wheelbarrow. In it are 3 cameras, lighting, cables, and a sick mixing board. You’ll be able to “watch” Takeaways on YouTube, not just “hear” it on podcast platforms.

We have episodes banked and ready to go. The all new Takeaways starts August 2022. I hope you enjoy!

Takeaways From This Episode

– Evaluate where you are so you can decide where to go.
– Don’t be afraid to evolve.
– Get help from someone who’s walked your path before.

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