TAKEAWAYS explores learning from the wisdom of others. We had another great live NAIOP SOUTHERN NEVADA Program in September. Keep reading for a summary and listen to the audio below. After a brief intro to the NAIOP program, you will hear the panelists themselves and the program in its entirety! I hope you enjoy this new format! 

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There’s a New Sheriff In Town

Why did God create policemen? “So firemen could have heroes, too.” – Kevin McMahill

There’s a new Sheriff in town! Kevin McMahill, the new Clark County Sheriff-elect of the Las Vegas area, won outright in the primaries with 58% of the votes. During this NAIOP breakfast meeting, we discussed issues that are relevant to the commercial real estate development community. Topics included tourism, financial crime, visitor safety, and the homeless problem. 

Kevin was a parole officer for the first twelve years of his career after he joined the force back in 1990. Following this, he entered the police academy where he was promoted to Sergeant. He was promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant, from Lieutenant to Captain, and from Captain to Deputy Chief. Finally, he was promoted to Assistant Sheriff and then Undersheriff. Kevin has worked in every part of the Metro Police Department. He’s been on the ground for many local events, including 1 October and the 2020 summer of protests that led to the shooting of police officer Shay Mikalonis. It’s clear that he brings tremendous experience to the Las Vegas area.

As the new Sheriff-elect, his main focus is to find a better way to help the homeless problem humanely, to increase safety, and to take better care of our first responders. He is creating a wellness bureau to help take care of our first responders in a markedly different way, and better than we’ve ever seen before.

Financial crime is also a common concern in the Las Vegas area. It was refreshing to hear how Sheriff McMahill explained these types of crimes and how he plans to address this issue. The Metro Police Department is quickly becoming one of the most technologically advanced police departments in the country. To be prepared, we need to fill positions with skilled and technology-savvy police officers.

The Panelist that morning:

  • Kevin McMahill, Clark County Sheriff-elect in Nevada

Moderator: Hayim Mizrachi, President of MDL Group

The sponsor that morning was Dermody Properties!


Here are some of the key Takeaways from the October NAIOP panel:

  • Las Vegas Metro Police Department implemented the ‘shot spotter deploy’ to monitor the most crime-heavy areas. 
  • There are 11 chronic ‘hot spots’ where most crime takes place in the Las Vegas valley.
  • With many new events coming to the Las Vegas Strip, visitor safety is a top priority. 

I hope you enjoy this episode and stay tuned for more!

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