By: HAYIM MIZRACHI, CCIM – President | Principal | Broker (1:40 min read) 

In the storytelling template known as The Hero’s Journey…

              • There is an ordinary world
              • A call to adventure
              • Refusing the call
              • Meeting the mentor
              • Crossing the first threshold
              • Tests, allies, enemies
              • The ordeal
              • The reward
              • The road back


Our Hero refuses the call to adventure because of fear and insecurities.

She is not willing to face the perils of becoming.

Choosing instead the comforts of the ordinary world.

In writing, the refusal of the call is essential for an author to communicate the risks of the adventure to the audience.

That way the reader can see just how high the stakes are.

In real life refusal of the call is different.

It is complicated.

It is about fear and insecurity, sure.

But it’s also shrouded in so much more.

Feeling an imposter.

Feeling undeserving.

Choose your reasons for refusing the call.

I know mine.

The good news is that the next step in the storytelling template also applies to real life.

Meeting the mentor.

In our favorite story a mentor appears to provide our Hero with motivation, insights, training, and confidence that help her overcome doubts and fears as she prepares for the journey.

In life it is useful to find a mentor.

Motivation, insights, training, confidence.

Gaining these from the mentor help the Hero to take the first step.

Then another.

And another.

Until she crosses the first threshold.

One step toward the adventure.

One step away from status quo.

“Take one step”, says the Mentor to the Hero.

“Then another.”

“You will be tested.”

“There will be a great ordeal.”

“The reward is in your grasp.”

“You are more capable than you know.”

“But I know.”

“I see you for who are and who you have always been.”

“Go forward now.”

“You know what to do.”

“You know that you are capable.”

“In fact, you are our only hope.”

“Go now and become what you have always been…”

“A Hero!”

“Our Hero!!”

“Your Hero!!!”


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