By: HAYIM MIZRACHI, CCIM – President | Principal | Broker (2:15 min read) 

Chances are you’ve heard this story before. An ordinary person, living an ordinary life. But something hints… there is so much more to see and do and become. Then comes this sudden and unexpected occurrence. A calling, that if answered, promises adventure and peril.

A test of character, of strength, of skill.

An ultimate mission or journey that will test our character’s resolve.

Answering this call could prove; is there more to this ordinary existence or not?

If triumphant, she will return home, changed forever.

Now, read that back and think about Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman. Think about Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Wonder Woman or Peter Parker. Neo from Matrix. Simba from Lion King. Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.

This narrative is a familiar template in countless stories from ancient myths and classic movies to modern Netflix shows.

In the field of writing, this template is known as “The Hero’s Journey”.

There is an ordinary world.

A call to adventure.

Refusing the call.

Meeting the mentor.

Crossing the first threshold.

Tests, allies, enemies.

The ordeal.

The reward.

The road back.

Now, let’s talk about your Hero’s Journey!

Wait… am I suggesting that you are the main character here?

Am I suggesting that you are the Hero in your story?!?!

Why not?!

It’s natural to go on living life within the routines we established.

Thriving comes from answering the call of our potential.

Exercising our passions.

Fulfilling missions and journeys that test our comfort zones.

Triumphing over our fears.

Returning home.



Just like our favorite Hero, this same template narrates our lives as well.

However, we no longer live during medieval times or in fantasy.

And our stories aren’t fiction.

What in your life creates a call to adventure?

One thing we do at MDL Group is a process called Catalytic Coaching.

Everyone does it!

It serves to create that sudden and unexpected occurrence in our modern lives.

It flushes out a calling.

It helps us create the mission or journey to test our character, strength, and skill.

It shows us we can be triumphant.

It returns us home.

Forever changed, as Heroes.

MDL Group spends an enormous amount of time and energy on Catalytic Coaching and its worth it.

The truth is, no one is ordinary really.

Once they establish their calls to adventure, and answer those calls, they transform in that instant.

Next, we’ll talk about the best way to overcome “refusing the call”.

Takeaways – The Hero’s Journey – Refusing the Call – Part 2


The card image in this post is the character Infernum from The Awakening, a fully original Comic NFT series. The series was designed by my friend Ofir Ventura to be represented as a completely original NFT of algorithmically generated ERC-721 tokens based on 10 unique Heroes. The community is centered around The Awakening Story, calling back to the original comic book collecting days with opportunities to collect rare covers, characters, and more! 


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