By: HAYIM MIZRACHI, CCIM – President | Principal | Broker

In my previous post, we talked about how there are issues that are clearly out of our control. The war in Ukraine, inflation, and an alleged inevitable recession. What we can control is our response to any of those things.

Sales are down? Respond by leveraging your new found time to clean and build out your database.

Activity is slow? Respond by learning how to use AI to build a marketing campaign.

Those might be hypotheticals. Here is a real-life example that just happened to me.

Ruth Furman is a Public Relations professional in Southern Nevada. Her company is called Image Words. As Ruth likes to say, she helps her clients shine brighter. Ruth is a friend. She pitched MDL years ago to do our PR, but frankly, we weren’t ready for that kind of firepower. Ruth and I have collaborated in the last few years but I’m not officially “a client.”

Do you know what Ruth did?!?! January 10th,  she physically popped by our office mid-morning. She gave me handwritten card and took off not wanting to ‘take up any of my time.’

I opened the card. The cover said, “Chase Your Colossal Dreams.” Inside Ruth wrote, “I can tell your year will be filled with fun and prosperity. I’m proud of you! – Ruth”

I don’t know if Ruth is experiencing turbulence in her business right now or if Ruth was just out spreading joy as she does from time to time. What I do know, is here I am, telling everyone I know about Ruth. And I will continue to do so because of this seemingly simple gesture. What did that cost her? A couple of bucks for a card from Trader’s Joes, a few bucks in gas to drive to my office, and a few moments of her time to sit down and write a thoughtful note. Ruth infected me with positivity. It’s literally that easy!

I can’t control what this year will bring. What I can control is my response. No matter what, I am going to take steps forward. They might be different steps than in previous recent years when the market behaved differently. But I will still put one foot in front of the other… chasing my colossal dreams!

And if you want, I invite you to join me on this run!

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