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Doug Roberts

Doug Roberts is the Nevada partner for Panattoni Development company with 34 years of experience, has completed more than 50 million feet of development and is actively working on over 8 million feet of development right now. His experience covers all the “food groups”- industrial, office, retail, and apartments, Doug was named one of the Developers of the Decade by NAIOP Northern Nevada, is the former president and board member of NAIOP Northern Nevada, past president of the Reno Central Rotary Club, and a founding board member of Northern Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. 

From an early age, Doug’s penchant for development, building, and management was born from a resilient family history. His dad grew up in a household that faced the Depression and the dust bowl, and embraced hard work and education along the way. He watched his family deal with circumstances that helped them stay strong by working together, and that is still true today.

Fatherhood Changed It All

As a typical high school kid focusing on sports and grades, going to college was a new life. Doug became a father as a college freshman, and that compelled him to grow up, buckle down, and focus. Working full time, going to college, and being a dad created a scheduling organization requirement that gave Doug a direct understanding of what needs to be done to get ahead in life. Between bartending at night, going to school during the day, paying his own way, and embracing fatherhood along the way, Doug became disciplined early in life. 

A Builder to the Core

In his early experience working in development, Doug had a chance to work with his hands and try it all. Being from a family that valued hard work, he learned the ins and outs of development across the U.S. When it was time to settle down and focus on his family, he chose Reno, NV.  

At the heart of it all for Doug is a generosity of spirit. He says it’s important to take the gifts you have in life and give them back to the community you live in. Between his Sociology degree, his background working with children with mental health disabilities, and his current philanthropic efforts, Doug’s built more than just a career. 

His philosophy is to try to fulfill the needs that we see around us. In 2009, he and his wife formed Northern Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation – which was a labor of love. Since then, the organization has grown exponentially. It’s a great example of creating something from nothing and making an impact beyond your own material gain.

Takeaways From This Episode

Other Key Takeaways in this episode include:

  • If you’re not paying attention, you won’t get a chance to “smell the roses.” 
  • Don’t think too much about yourself and don’t get caught up in your own B.S. 
  • Treating people right helps you get repeat business. People feel valued.

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