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Fireside Chat with Sheriff-Elect

I personally got to interview Sheriff Kevin McMahill last October as part of a NAIOP Southern Nevada breakfast program. He was still Sheriff-Elect at that time. 

January 2, 2023, Kevin was sworn in as the 8th Sheriff of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for a four-year term. Kevin came up through the ranks from parole officer to Undersheriff. He’s been on the ground for many local events, including 1 October and the 2020 summer of protests that led to the shooting of police officer Shay Mikalonis. It’s clear that he brings tremendous experience to the Las Vegas area.

In this fireside chat I did my best to give Kevin the opportunity to express to the audience who he is as a person, not just a cop. Let me tell you, Kevin did not disappoint. He practically interviewed himself!   

I hope you enjoy this episode, and stay tuned for more!

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