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In his own words, Dr. Kevin Odor is, “One of the few that leads the few that lead the many.” Formerly the senior pastor at Canyon Ridge Church, Kevin has spent years serving those he shepherds. After retiring from the church, he made the natural transition to continue his leadership journey as a full-time chair and executive coach with Vistage International.

What does it mean to Thrive?

Vistage, whose name blends the words “Vista” and “Advantage”, is an executive coaching and peer advisory organization. Kevin began working with the company as a member 17 years ago, during his pastoral years. After leading his own succession at Canyon Ridge, Kevin discovered working with executives and helping them thrive as full-hearted leaders to be incredibly fulfilling.

Kevin has a unique perspective on the theme of “thriving”, specifically thriving with a full heart.

Learning the “put your mask on first” is important for anyone that is working themselves too hard. You have to first take leadership of yourself before you can help others effectively.

Givers in our lives pour out into us but if they aren’t actively replenishing themselves and working to balance their own needs with the needs of others, the result can be burnout and a stressful life. Kevin explains that there are four major funnels that impact having a full heart: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Taking care of each of those areas can lead to a more fulfilling, healthier balance in life.

Key Takeaway: How to Thrive in Leadership

According to Kevin, replenishment activities, rest and recovery gives you an advantage. Part of that advantage is that you make better decisions, have better results, and have a more fulfilling life.

Kevin is a personal mentor to me, and I’ve had the honor of interviewing him twice now. Here is the link Takeaways Episode 7 . The wisdom he shares with business executives is endless.

In this episode of Takeaways, Kevin shares some of his wealth of knowledge and offers practical advice on how to live a life with a full heart.

Takeaways From This Episode

– What is a full-hearted leader?

– How does “Stinkin’ Thinkin” hurt your ability to lead effectively?

– What seven spheres of influence shape culture and how are they important?

– When is being a “giver” harmful rather than helpful?

I hope you enjoy!

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